Robot-aided NeuromechanicS:

Biorob 2020 WORKSHOP - nov 29th 2020

Recent technological progress yields a new generation of robots that are used to study the function of components and pathways of the neuromuscular system. Dedicated robots are combined with neuroimaging to study function of brain regions that contribute to specific motor behaviors; robots are used to characterize neuromuscular dynamics and motor responses; new sensors are developed to quantify the mechanical state of muscles during coordinated movements; computational algorithms are developed to investigate learning strategies employed by humans interacting with computer-controlled dynamics or with other humans.

The field of robot-aided neuromechanics requires multidisciplinary expertise in domains such as robotics, neurophysiology, computational neuroscience, biomechanics, neurorehabilitation, but venues where all these domains are combined are limited.

This full-day workshop aims to integrate the multidisciplinary efforts in robot-aided neuromechanics, and to create a new forum for researchers interested in new measurement or analysis methods for neuromechanics, in using robots for understanding the underlying pathophysiology, and in using robots to relieve neuromotor impairment.

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