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Time zone: ET (UTC−05:00 - New York)

Attendance is free but registration is required to obtain the password for the webinar

Zoom webinar

Poster session - rooms Robot-aided neuromech W1 and W2

Poster session tips: use Google Chrome, unmute yourself only for interacting with presenters, use a microphone and headphones if possible


Speaker Name

Talk Title

  9:00 AM


Opening Remarks

  9:10 AM

Neville Hogan

Can We Develop a Validated, Quantitative Theory of Neuro-Recovery?

  9:30 AM

Ilana Nisky

Tactile stimulation in healthy and impaired control of movement

  9:50 AM

Panagiotis Artemiadis

Variable Stiffness Treadmill: a tool for understanding and rehabilitating gait impairment

10:10 AM

Hyung-Soon Park

Development of a robotic device for identifying abnormal neuromuscular coordination post stroke

10:30 AM

Heike Vallery

Assisting or perturbing human balance using wearable gyroscopic actuators

10:45 AM

11:00 AM


Speaker Name

Talk Title

12:00 PM

Darryl Thelen

Estimating force of individual muscles during walking

12:20 PM

Massimo Sartori

Closing the loop between wearable robots and the neuromuscular system during human movement

12:40 PM

Hyunglae Lee

Task-dependent modulation of 2D ankle stiffness during standing and walking

  1:00 PM

Fabrizio Sergi

  1:20 PM

Katia Mombaur

Minimizing and estimating human lumbar torques with spinal exoskeletons

  1:40 PM

Francisco Valero-Cuevas

Using robots for studying and breaking pathologic synergies in stroke

  2:00 PM


Robot-assisted imaging of neuromuscular function using robots and MRI


Speaker Name

Talk Title

  2:10 PM

Roger Gassert

Robot-assisted assessment of motor and proprioceptive hand function and their recovery after stroke

  2:30 PM

Elliott Rouse

Impairments in ankle mechanical impedance post-stroke

  2:50 PM

James Sulzer

Neural operant conditioning

  3:10 PM

Marcia O'Malley

Assessing Wrist Movement and Coordination with Robotic Devices

  3:30 PM

Laura Marchal-Crespo

Optimize Motor Learning to Improve Neurorehabilitation

  3:50 PM

Etienne Burdet

Interaction control between humans and with robots

  4:10 PM

End of Workshop

Anchor 1

10:40 AM



Authors and Title

Spatial Chat Room

10:30 AM

J. W. Ailsworth, J. A. Blaylock, S. L. Norman, D. J. Reinkensmeyer, and D. G. Kamper, “An Actuated Glove Targeting Brain and Muscle Activation for Hand Rehabilitation Following Stroke”


10:32 AM

N. Cai, P. Cherepanova, J. P.A. Dewald, and N. Gurari, “Torques Unintentionally Generated about the Elbow after a Hemiparetic Stroke are Inaccurately Perceived: Preliminary Findings”


10:34 AM

R. Nikonowicz, A. Zonnino, and F. Sergi, “Development of StretchfMRI to study the neural correlates of fast feedback responses in the brainstem”


10:36 AM

A. J. Farrens and F. Sergi, “Neural correlates of dynamic adaptation and motor memory formation in two-degree of freedom wrist pointing”


10:38 AM

P. Esmatloo and A. D. Deshpande, “Quality-Focused, Impairment-Targeted Approach in Rehabilitation of the Hand after Stroke”


O. Özen, K. A. Buetler, and L. Marchal-Crespo, “Enhancing Motor Learning of Dynamic Tasks by Promoting Motor Variability During Training with Robotic Assistance”

10:42 AM

M. M. Wu, L. Drnach, S. Bong, and L. Ting, “Do human-human hand interactions assist balance by providing mechanical support or communicating information?”


10:44 AM

A. Shafti, S. Haar, R. Mio, P. Guilleminot, A. A. Faisal, “Sensorimotor Constraints of Robotic Human Augmentation”


10:46 AM

N. Dunkelberger and M. K. O'Malley, “Combining Functional Electrical Stimulation and a Robotic Exoskeleton to Assist Arm Movements”


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